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Emploi: front end developer

Our product is a private social network for companies that aims to enhance connectivity between colleagues and reinforcing the informal knowledge network of a company by providing a simple platform to connect people around activities they like.

We are currently piloting the product at one the most prestigious consulting firm in the world, in 4 offices : Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, Antwerp and Luxembourg. Probably one of the most prestigious consulting firm in the world. In 3-4 months window they will decide if they purchase the product, with a potential worldwide rollout of Goodmoove.

We are already three engineers working on the project + 1 financial/legal advisor. There are two computer engineers and myself specialized in UI design , management strategy and business consulting (I work as a consultant at McKinsey).

Having studied at Berkeley, and having built an important network in the San Francisco Bay, the goal is to go back there in a 4-6 months window, and raise funds.

We are currently looking for a « AAA » front end developer with « AAA » UI design capabilities to work in collaboration with our back end development team and take the project to the next level.

the skill set should include:


– JQuery (UI) / Javascript

– Illustrator and Photoshop mastership

This is a great opportunity because:

1/ timeline is set: in 3-4 months, McKinsey buys or doesn t buy the product, followed by potential rocket growth

2/ potential payback is immense

We would like to discuss with you your interest in the project, and to what extent you’d be interested to join the adventure. Ideally, you’dwork full time (or 3/4 time) on the project for 3-4 months with a potental share of the project/company down the road.

Let us know as soon as possible if you want to meet us.


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